Release Notes

- New version 2.3
- Added a MUCH requested feature to allow a slight one second pause at the end of animated radar maps
- Radar maps fill screen a bit better
- Fixed a bug that when pinch zooming on a radar map, the map would snap to the top left corner of the screen. This has been corrected.
- Animated doppler should run a bit smoother on the device
- Load times on doppler radar time should be slightly improved as fewer files are being called to display and animate radar maps

- New version 2.2
- New current conditions feature where available
- New Tropical Weather feature for Hurricane tracking
- Added more user submitted Webcams

- New version 2.1
- Added Satellite Radar to US National Area
- Added Aviation Weather to US National Area
- Added many user submitted Webcams. Thanks to all and please keep the submissions coming!

- New version 2.0!
- New bolder theme
- New Favorites feature for quicker access to your favorite cities
- Multiple Webcams now available for all but a few cities
- Some experimental features easter eggs hidden throughout this version, stay tuned!
- Added "Jump to State" text about keys in the Sort option

- New version 1.5.7
- Removed state abbreviation from Cities in a State view
- Changed "Sort by Cities" to "List All Cities" in the sort section of the main page
- Removed all city "New" Tags

- New version 1.5.6
- Updated sort system
- Sort system now has keys to jump to the first letter of the state

- New version 1.5.5
- Minor UI corrections and bug fixes for improved display on iPhone/iPod Touch software version 1.1.1

- New version 1.5.4
- Fixed an issue with toolbar being displayed oversized in after updating to iPhone and iPod Touch software 1.1.1

- New version 1.5.3
- Fixed an issue with iWeathr not being displayed properly on an iPod Touch

- New version 1.5.2
- Now with 195 cities!
- States are now default sort method
- Cities sort is available from the home page
- Index page content is now 50% smaller is data size. Much snappier with EDGE and transitions.

- New version 1.5.1
- Addition of tons of new cities! Many more by the end of this weekend
- Added Lightning Strikes section in the US National area
- Added Release Notes section on the about page (finally)

- Addition of Long Range Reflectivity to all cities
- Addition of a few new cities
- Traffic doubled since change over to NOAA radar maps
- Over 1.03 million visits from iPhone users in first 30 days! Tons of repeat traffic

- New version 1.5
- Converted entire weather system to NOAA radar
- Addition of Short Range Reflectivity
- Addition of Short Range Velocity
- Addition of Rainfall Accumulation
- Can now sort by state from the home page
- New icon! Special thanks to Bill and the graphics team at Applists for the great icon!
- Thanks to all users for the overwhelming support!

7/11/07 - 7/29/07
- iWeathr version 1.1 - 1.4.2
- Many updates during this time period, all irrelevant updates due to TWC C&D order (Framed and hung on wall)

- iWeathr Officially released!